Wednesday, September 8, 2010



Can you say bountiful harvest?

I have been canning my guts out. I haven't canned in years and I rekindled the bug in me. I went out the the polygamist place in Draper and purchased 3 bushels of tomatoes as well as half bushel of onions and peppers. I came home and got right to work.

24 pint bottles of chili sauce. ( a recipe that has been passed down though generations) for over 150 years. I also canned 18 quarts of diced tomatoes, 6 pints of ketchup, 12 quarts of V-12, 36 pints of salsa. The salsa Nicole made this year all on her own. She did such a wonderful job.

Then I moved on to meats. 12 bottles of pepper steak, 6 bottles of Sicilian chicken soup, 12 bottles of chili verde and 8 bottles of pulled barbecued pork.

Can't can without making some freezer jam. 24 pints of UT peach freezer jam, 24 quarts of sliced peaches, 6 pints of strawberry freezer jam and peach puree.

I have to tell you also...this years fruit leather was the best I think I have ever made. Maybe because the peaches were so sweet adn fresh. I don't know btu we got about 150 rolls of peach leather, 50 of apple leather, 20 of pear leather and 50of cherry leather.

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Leesa said...

You have been busy! I learned how to can this year and I LOVE it!