Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Loving Husband

Those in the know know how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my husband. He is "MY BEST FRIEND"! I never thought I could have such a wonderful relationship with anyone. He bouys me up everyday.
Last week we had a Friday the 13th. John and I celebrate each one that comes along. You see we were engaged on April 13th, Friday, Full Moon. It had been _LUCKY_ for us so we take advantage of each one as it comes. Our children even call us when they see the full moon to make sure we know it is full, (even though we already know it is). It is nice that they know it is special to us and they remember.
John is my other half. He makes me feel like a millions bucks all the time. He puts my needs before his own. When he is away we both can't wait to get back together. He seeks me out to kiss me and love me as soon as he is back.
Even though he doesn't think he has been a good father he has. He has taught our children many things they wouldn't have learned had it not been for them. He taught them how to make an omelet by the time they were three. He taught them how to work and to love it. He shared his love for the outdoors whether it is skiing or camping, fishing or hiking, their love of the outdoors comes from him.
The kids love for me also comes from him. As they grew he made sure they never dis-respected me. He showed respect and in return they learned.

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