Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome, Sawyer

Welcome, Sawyer!
Last weekend we went to Olathe, KS to finally see the newest addition to our family,
Sawyer Mathias Carlston
Born: March 13, 209
8 lbs 15 oz
23 1/2 inches
He was blessed last sunday and we were priviledge to be there to witness it and for John to stand in the circle to help with that blessing.
We always have so much fun when we hang out with Ladd and Sarah. They are a true blessing in our life. Their children are so fun. Lauren is growing up so fast. She is 8 but thinks like a teenager. Wanting to grow up before her time. On Sunday she held my cell phone captive so she could text Nicole. About 150 messages later between the 2 of them, 100 on Laurens part. Thank goodness I have free texting. Miles is always on the go. He is so busy. Riding his bike, shoveling snow, building things, hopping on this ball thing. Miles was riding his bike in the basement, then John rode miles bike. Then Miles stood on the pegs on the back of the bike while John peddled around. Miles said it was scary but after they stopped asked for Uncle John to do it again. Isabelle is a lover. She is doing well with her new brother. She wants to be in the action and doesn't realize or care that she is too small. Thanks for sharing that specail day with us.

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Sarah Carlston said...

We feel so loved! Glad you guys could come and be apart of his blessing. Thanks for the laughs! We always have fun with you too!