Monday, September 3, 2012

No Cell Phone Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend! Just the thought of it makes me smile. I love everything about Memorial Day Weekend. First of all, it is a long weekend. The kind I especially like, with the holiday on Monday.,

Friday night, after the kids got off work, we packed our truck and headed out to Colorado to a cabin we rented for the weekend. The kids and I driving from UT and John driving from KS. Speedily we drove through the night so we could meet up with John as soon as possible. I couldn't wait to get him in my arms. With each passing month it is more difficult to be separated over the long, windy, endless road.

As luck would have it we arrived at the same place within minutes of each other. Ah, Heaven.

Our first stop was the Butterhorn Bakery in Frisco, CO. Great breakfast place with to die for blueberry croissants. They have skillets, pancakes and other delicious items but there is nothing like the croissants. (I wish I had a picture of them and of course the app that lets you smell them, too.)

Did I mention this is a NO CELL PHONE WEEKEND! That means no texting, calling, facebooking or playing games unless it directly involves all the other weekend participants. (We did take our phones to contact each other if we got separated, which did happen twice)

After unpacking our feet found us browsing in Breckenridge, CO. Oh how we love it there. Such a quaint ski town. We love the slow pace and little shops. Of course we had to go into the furrier. We always seem to find our way to a furrier shop. I love to try them on. All of them. All different styles, colors, lengths. No buying today, but, one day I WILL have a sheared Beaver car coat.

By not having cell phones to interact with it leaves plenty of time to cook great food with the ones you love. One of the meals we made was french dips. Not just any old sliced beef. Nope. One that has been cooked all day in the crock pot with fresh whole seasonings.

First I measure out the seasonings and make a rub out of it. Next I make a bed for my meat to lay on so it is not sitting directly on the bottom of the crock pot. I use celery and onions.

Next I rub the seasonings all over the meat and put it on the bed of veggies. I also add 1/2 cup of water at this point.

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