Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sub Zero Contest

Months ago Christian entered the Sub Zero Ice Cream Contest. First you submitted online ice cream concoctions that you love to make when you go to Sub Zero Ice Cream. Christian is a connoisseur of sorts of ice cream and he loves to make up many different kinds of flavor togetherness.

One of the items he submitted was Pistachio ice cream with almonds, maraschino cherries and dark chocolate flakes. 184 people submitted recipes and 12 were chosen. The company heads actually made every recipe submitted, tried them all and decided which ones they thought were the best.

Today the 12 semi finalist competed at Provo Towne Center for a chance to win a years supply of Sub Zero Ice Cream. Not just maybe one cup a week but the winner could go every day and get a medium bowl everyday for a whole year. Now that is a lot of ice cream. Just up Christians alley.

Each ice cream was made and then people at the mall were able to taste test each one and vote. People could text in their vote or vote online. The lines were insane with everyone jockeying to try all the different kinds. Christian was like a circus barker. He stood right up on his chair and called out to people and told them about his ice cream. The CEO and the Marketing Director both commented to John and I about his salesmanship skills.

Unfortunately, Christian did not win. Although we did hear many people mingling around saying they loved the pistachio the best and even one of the Sub Zero head guys was telling another person he thought the Pistachio was the best the vote didn't come out that way. The person that did win actually had over 50 votes right when the voting started. I think she just told everyone and their dog to vote at this website and or text at a certain time. There was even people on the Sub Zero page that talked about the contest and how they wished the pistachio had won.

Christian had fun and it was a a great time for all.

Who knows, maybe one day he will have a place of his own so everyone can come and enjoy all the other concoctions he makes. Ribs that are to die for, desserts that rival even the most accomplished pastry chefs, Mexican food, Italian food. You name it he can probably whip it up.

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