Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This week John and I are in Palm Springs attending JOURNEY.

2 years ago Christian attended Journey. He said it completely changed his life. He did come back with goals and started implementing the ideas and information he received. I was very proud of him and proud that he made some really tough decisions regarding where his life was going, where he wanted it to go and how was he going to get there.
Last year John went to Journey. He too thought it was amazing. He came home ready to take the world by the tail. He implemented many things also.
So here we are this year, together, attending. This is so outside my comfort zone. I don't like to let people in too close. I am very protective of knowledge given out and would rather not go there with people. My little family unit is all I have and will protect it to the enth degree.
So the Journey begins......
The first day is......... oh yeah! This is the part we are not supposed to talk about so it won't spoil it for those coming behind. Just want you to know it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. And if I can help it I won't ever do that again. Have you ever been doing something or been somewhere and you think, "Am I crazy? Why am I doing this?" That is where I am. I text Christian last night and told him what was going on and how I was feeling. He pretty much told me if he could do it so could I and I should buck up. Bucking up is not so fun.
Many great lessons learned many great people to share experiances with.

Check out this website and you will be able to see a little video about Journey. John and Christian are both in the video.

And of course, who can go to California with out going to In-N-Out! (Well John can but he goes for ME!) And look who showed up while we were there. These guys are so great and with out them the SHOW will not go on.

So.... I played hooky one day and drove down to the BEACH! I met up with our Aunt Kelli. She lives in San Clemente. It is usually so beautiful there but as people live there know, June is the month for June Gloom. Usually cloudy and fog that doesn't burn off. We had a great day. Lunch at the pier at our favorite place. Clam chowder and calimari. A little shopping and MEXICAN for dinner. Of course the Orange Co. Swap Meet in Costa Mesa. I haven't been in years but it is always so fun.

The resort where Journey was help is amazing. The grounds are spectacular. It is the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, CA. Here are but a few pics of the amazing groungs and landscape.

On Saturday John's cousins from Phoenix called and wanted to meet up in Palm Springs. They drove over (yes it is a 4 hour drive). We had dinner and then when the meeting was over, at 2am, we hung out until it was time to go to the airport. (We forgot to take a piture of us all so her is one from her blog)

Unfortunatly I thought my flight was at 7:10am and it actually was at 6:40am so we got to the airport too late and I missed my plane. Good thing John was on a little later flight so he made his just fine although when they put the tags on his luggage they put someone elses tags on so his luggage was taken to Austin Texas. SAD! When we both landed in our respective cities, Wichita and Salk Lake City, needless to say we crashed...Sleep that is. So worth it though to see John and Cheri. It was fun to catch up and visit. They are such great people to hang out with. We can't wait to see them in Antimony, UT in Sept for the Lundgreen Family Reunion.
Cheri breeds Amazing English Golden Retrievers. People come from all over the country to buy her dogs. Check out her website.


Leesa said...

Hey Angi :)
Hope you have a nice time!

Katie said...

Well I want to know what you are having to do!! I'm super curious. I think you should just tell me since I doubt I'll ever go :) Hope you are having a good time.